About us

The company focuses on the growth of technical textiles in India by offering cost effective and quality preparatory machines like bale openers, fine openers, roller cards, crosslappers, webdrafters, ovens, dryers, calendars for all the five nonwoven technologies viz., needle punch, spunlace, spunbond, meltblown and chemical / Thermal bond.

TecniTex manufactures commercial and laboratory Needle punch, Spunlace & Chemical/Thermal bond lines for industries, academic and research institutions. We are also selling agents for nonwoven converting machines for PP Bags, bouffant caps, masks,caps, underpads, sanitary napkins and diapers.

We manufacture custom made machines for blowfill & garneted pillows, pillow stuffers, poly wadding and quilting machines. We have an excellent factory set up at Coimbatore which is a machine manufacturing hub in South India

TecniTex is also involved in sourcing and trading of all types of Nonwovens and Technical textiles suitable for industrial, automotive and hygiene applications.

TecniTex’s expertise in Nonwovens & Technical Textiles spans over fifty man years of experience in manufacturing, product development, machinery & rawmaterial selection, quality control, research & development and marketing in world’s most leading Nonwoven companies.

TecniTex has close association with world’s leading trade organizations like INDA, EDANA and other well known research institutions. TecniTex boasts of a combined strength of several industry experts and researchers who epitomize the best in technology, field experience, product knowledge and marketing.