TecniTex buys and sells nonwoven geotextiles suitable for applications in geobags, road construction, erosion control, flood control, air & seaport construction, soil reinforcement, canal embankment and landfill liners.

TecniTex can supply

  • Geotextile from 50 to 1000 GSM made of needlepunched PP /PET and blended materials meeting customer's technical specifications
  • Geobags in stitched condition suitable for use in flood control in north eastern states
  • Spunbonded Geotubes and Geoliners for landfill applicatins
  • Geogrid for reinforcement and retaining wall apapplications
  • Geomembranes for municipal and hazardous waste landfills
  • Geotextile for solarpond, aquaculture, golf course, tunnel applications
  • Roofing substrates for waterproofing roofs and concrete basements


Geotextiles Specification Form