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TecniTex helps companies to get joint venture partners from across the world for joint development of nonwoven roll good and converting projects, investment, technology transfer, market tie ups and buy back arrangements. Joint venture provides an opportunity for investors and manufacturing companies to diversify in to nonwoven segment with the help of a joint venture partner who is already an established player in the nonwoven segment with strong technology leadership and market network in their countries.


Joint Venture Partners provides not only the requisite confidence to the investors / companies but also guides the investors / companies in the right direction with proper choice of technology, products and market tie ups. Ofcourse getiing into a joint venture agreement with an established foreign player requires lot of negotiation, patience and the ability to strike a mutually agreeable terms and conditions.


Many a times, joint venture partners fail to come to an agreement over investment, profit sharing and buy back arragements. It should be understood by the investors / companies that Joint venture companies with strong product knowledge and established marketing network will normally demand additional profit sharing over and above their own investment for bringing technology and market tie ups. TecniTex will help investors / companies to fnd a suitable joint venture partner with mutually agreeable terms and conditions of joint venture agreement.


Some of the successful joint venture agreements have happened in automotive headliner products, hygiene products, filtration, geotextiles, wipes, water proofing and wall wraps. TecniTex is currently looking for joint venture partners for needle punched goetextiles, automotives and polyester spunbond nonwovens. The investors / companies interested in joint venture must be financally sound with an ability to invest USD 15 to 20 Million dollars in the project.


TecniTex also offers joint venture investment abroad with a foreign company with production operations outside India. Currently, we are looking for joint venture partners for the following companies  


1. Geotextiles and Roofing Substrates Company ( Ref: JV 082013001)

This company is a well established polyester spunbond unit for manufactirung geotextiels and roofing substrates from 100 to 600 GSM with latest state of art Italian machinery of 4.4 mtrs width based in a North African Country.

Capacity of the plant is 10000MT per year with fully integrated plant of 12000MT per year capacity for PET bottle recycling.    

Plant has an option of producing PET spunbond from 100% PET bottle flakes or 100% vrigin chips. Plant also has the unique twin option of producing geotextiles and roofing substrates using thermobond and needlepuching

Factory land is 40000 sqm and building is 11000 sqm with additional space for expansion and an installed power capacity of 6 MW. Utilized power is only 1.5 MW and hence surplus power available for expansion is 4.5 MW

The company is looking for joint venture partner for investment or complete takever of the plant. The promoters of the company will help the investor in running the plant and buy 40% of throughput in case of a complete takeover.

Investors will be required to bring atleast USD15 Million dollars. Details of the company will be available on request.

2. Complete Medical Disposables Plant ( Ref. No: 1302001)

A wellknown branded and established medical diposables company in South India with excellent market tie ups with MNCs is looking for joint venture / business partners or for complete take over.

Business: Fabrication of sterile nonwoven surgical disposables (100% Seamless & ultrasonically welded)

Products: Gowns (Surgeon, Patient, Scrub), Surgical Drape Packs, Masks & Caps

Current Capcity: 75000 Gowns per Month

Machinery : List will be provided on request

Average Margin: 30%

If interested, please call or send a mail for details 








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