Roll Goods Machinery

Nonwoven rollgoods are manufactured under five different processes

  • Needle Punch
  • Spunlace
  • Spunbond
  • Meltblown
  • Chemical / Thermal Bond

TecniTex manufactures  cost effective and quality preparatory machines like bale openers, fine openers, roller cards, crosslappers, webdrafters, ovens, dryers, calendars for all the above five nonwoven technologies . Prospective investors can economically invest in the nonwoven projects by opting for indigenous preparatory machines with imported spunlace and needle looms. This way, the project cost can be minimized while not compromising on the quality.

TecniTex wil help companies to source used or new  European Spunlace and Needle looms at an affordable price

TecniTex also manufactures laboratory Needle punch, Spunlace & Chemical/Thermal bond lines for academic and research institutions.

We manufacture custom made machines for blowfill, pillow stuffers, thermal bonded poly wadding lines, Interlining lines, Embroidery backing Cloth lines and quilting machines. We have an excellent factory set up at Coimbatore which is a machine manufacturing hub in South India



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